A history of hardwork and excellence.

The history of Techglobal Incorporated is all about pioneering world-class piping standards for the health and benefit of the Philippine Community.
Our history site highlights the milestones in the company’s history as well as the actions that made it what it is today.

2020s Sustainable Growth of Techglobal

– Techglobal continues to pioneer new piping innovation that is part of its advocacy in making the country’s piping system up to par or better than its Western counterparts. Part of new normal design is introducing pandemic-proof building materials that is why we launched the first-ever anti-microbial piping with Vesbo Biocote Pipes, making water safe and clean against viruses and bacteria

– Another piping innovation is the introduction of Vesbo Spira which is the pioneer for on-site drainage system production and installation for sizes up to 4,000 mm thereby making it more cost-effective and reduces freight cost significantly.

– As part of its vision of providing world-class piping solutions, Techglobal introduces it high-end Ecotech line for fire protection systems with its Ecotech Seamless Black-iron Pipes and Fittings with Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating, making its fire-sprinkler pipes last a lifetime especially against corrosion.

2010s Creation of Techglobal

– During this period, Megasytem and Manila Solid underwent major restructuring oriented towards providing greater quality materials in line with the construction boom of the Philippine real estate market.

– After this restructuring and consolidation, Techglobal Incorporated was established. It mission is to strive and build on what Megasystem and Manila Solid has accomplished which is to provide to all Filipinos accessible safe and drinking water coupled with innovative technology and superior standards.

– As part of its vision of providing a total plumbing solution, Techglobal introduced its high-end Ecotech line which consists of the: Ecotech Casti-iron Dry-type Water Meter, Ecotech Drop Forge Brass Gate Valve, and the Ecotech Teflon Tape. The Ecotech line was meant for consumers who value both superior quality, innovative technology, and reduced environmental impact.

2000s Expansion

– During this period, PPR pipes were widely accepted already in the market with most projects using it as per of their hot & cold waterline system.

– To further cater towards mid-end market, Megasystem introduced its mid-end line of PPR pipes called Mega Green (Ecotech) PPR pipes. It also introduced its budgetary line called Rohrflex PPR pipes.

– Furthering its dream of a quality piping solution for all Filipinos, Megasystem introduced the Valsir HDPE Drainage and Sanitary Piping System in the market. This was the first one its kind and is a cost-effective and efficient solution as compared to CI and PVC pipes. Around 2012, we phased out the Valsir PE 80 Pipes with a higher grade Vasen PE 100 Piping System.

– In 2006 and 2007, it was recognized by the Superbrands Council for its pioneering role of introducing high-quality piping products for the health and wellness of the Filipino community. It is also gained national acclaim from the prestigious Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) in 2006.

– Joined the United Suppliers of the Philippines (USP) together with fellow industry leaders- Eurotiles, EVG, Philflex, Metro Shutters, Boysen, Philmetal, Republic Powdercoat- in their aspiration to develop the construction sector of the Philippines through offering high-quality products for the sustainable development of the country.

– Recognized and accredited by the two largest construction groups in the Philippines concerned with the piping industry- The National Master Plumbers Association of the Philippines and The Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers.

– During this period, Megasystem Enterprises established itself as a key and dominant player in the plumbing industry by pioneering both PPR and HDPE piping technology and consistently delivering these quality products to the homes of each and every Filipino in the country.

1990s Innovation

– During this period, Manila Solid Marketing expanded further to cater towards the plumbing industry with the launch of a series of innovative products never been seen in the Philippine market.

– In 1996, Megasystem Enterprises was established as a professionally-run company specializing in quality piping and plumbing products for the growing Philippine construction industry.

– It pioneered Polypropylene Random Copoylmer (PPRC) pipe through the launch of European-made Vesbo PPR Pipes & Fittings. Vesbo is the first PPR brand to enter not only in the Philippine market but also in Asia, and is the pioneer when it comes to PPR pipe technology.

– With the numerous advantages of the Vesbo PPR Piping System compared to GI pipes, PPR pipes easily became accepted among architects and plumbing consultants. Due to its pioneering status and superior quality, it is now synonymous to high-caliber PPR pipes.

– Megasystem also introduced  and became the exclusive distributor of the Laufen Water Closet System from Switzerland.


1970-1980s Foundation

– In 1970’s, Manila Solid Marketing was established as a sole proprietorship under Antonio Chua. It was primarily a distributor of hardware products namely lock sets, drills, saws, and hammers among others.

– Heading towards the 1980’s, Manila Solid Marketing expanded to include new products such as the Toho Ball Valves and Smart Hardware Materials. All of which are exclusively distributed by the company.

– During this period, Manila Solid Marketing established itself as the foremost distributor of hardware products to retailers and wholesalers alike.