Vasen HDPE Pipes

Superior Strength and Performance


About Vasen:


Greater Benefits
The Vasen HDPE Drainage and Sanitary Piping System leads to significant benefits in comparison to PVC, cast-iron, and other traditional type of materials. It is more flexible and has a high impact resistance to extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Greater Safety
The Vasen HDPE Drainage and Sanitary Piping System is weather-proof and coated in sleek black pigment that prevents photo-oxidation caused by UV rays. It has a smoother surface thus making it more resistant to waste build-up.

Greater Features
Not only the Vasen HDPE Drainage and Sanitary Piping System boasts the following features above, it also exhibits:

  • German technology and standards
  • Vasen HDPE (PE 100) is higher than most HDPE pipes (PE 80)
  • Resistant to scale and abrasion
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Flexible and resistant even under very low temperature
  • Up to 100 C Temperature Tolerance
  • Sound-proof
  • Leak-proof
  • Minimum life span of 50 years


About Vasen Soventvasen-hdpe-big_en:


Cost-effective Solution
With the Vasen HDPE Sovent System, there is now a more affordable alternative to the conventional design of drainage systems when it comes to high-rise buildings. Because of this innovative system by Vasen HDPE Pipes, there is an increase in flow capacity of the discharge stack because of the prevention of hydraulic closures. Adding to that, single soil stack construction is possible in one single diameter, either 110 mm or 160 mm thus eliminating the need to install parallel ventilation.

Vasen HDPE Pipes & Fittings are flow-optimized which allow an inexpensive layout of discharge stacks in high-rise buildings. As such, it enhances the pipe capacity several times over than normal HDPE pipes.