Rohrflex PPR Pipes

Advanced German Engineering

About Rohrflex:




Rohrflex Renowned
The Rohrflex Piping System has been in the industry for more than a decade now and with good reason. Rohrflex pipes are made with the best machines from Germany together with the best raw materials all over Europe to create a product that will last over a lifetime. It uses LyondelBasell Industries high-grade virgin raw materials to ensure heightened pressure and temperature tolerance. Because of this, the Rohrflex Advance Piping System surpasses European standards according to DIN 8077/78 and the DVGW which are renowned institutions when it comes to the waterline industry.

Rohrflex Reliability
Rohrflex Piping System adapts German-based aesthetics and design to create superior performance compared to the standard PPR pipe in the market. Rohrflex uses high-grade brass materials that are zinc-resistant and its threaded fittings are grooved in structural design. This is to ensure that its fittings are almost indestructible and superior in leak-proof performance compared to the standard ones.

Rohrflex Resilience
Besides those mentioned above, it has the following specialized features only found in Rohrflex PPRC PipesĀ & Fittings :

  • 100% high-class virgin raw-materials
  • Doved-tail structure in the metal adaptors
  • High chemical resistance
  • Absolutely leak-proof
  • Absolutely noise free during high flow rates
  • Suitable for hot & cold application
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • Normal pressure of PN 20
  • Thicker than normal PPRC pipes and fittings
  • Up to 1400 PSI Pressure Tolerance
  • Up to 95 C Temperature Tolerance
  • Recommended for medium to low-cost projects