Philconstruct 2023

🎉 Techglobal joins Philconstruct yet again!

Techglobal is proud to be part of Philconstruct Expo 2023, where industry leaders in the construction industry share insights and notes in this annual convention. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who visited us as we showcased yet again the latest in world-class piping systems from PPR, HDPE, UV-PPR, & BI Pipes and Fittings!

Stay tuned for more piping innovations, it was a pleasure sharing our insights in building a 1st-world piping system for the country!
❗️ Ecotech HDPE SDR 11 Water Pipes
❗️ Ecotech HDPE Corrugated Drainage Pipes
❗️ Vesbo Spira Drainage Pipes

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